Rizzo Throws In the Towel

In an eve-of-trial surprise, former Bell administrator Robert Rizzo has pleaded no contest to 69 felony corruption charges pending against him.  According to prosecutors, Rizzo will receive a 10-12 year sentence and pay millions of dollars in restitution to the city.

Rizzo apparently hopes to work down his sentence by testifying against his former assistant, Angela  Spaccia, whose trial begins this week.  According to Rizzo, Spaccia was the mastermind of the fraud.  Whether jurors accept this claim remains to be seen — but there appears to be plenty of unflattering evidence against her.  

According to the LA Times, Spaccia joked with Bell’s highly-paid  police chief as she negotiated a contract with him.  The chief had emailed Spaccia: “I am looking forward to seeing you and taking all of Bell’s money?! Okay … just a share of it!!”

Spaccia wrote back: “LOL … well you can take your share of the pie … just like us!!! We will all get fat together … Bob [Rizzo] has an expression he likes to use on occasion. Pigs get Fat … Hogs get slaughtered!!!! So as long as we’re not Hogs … All is well!”

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