Spaccia Trial Highlights — Week One

One week into the trial of Robert Rizzo’s deputy, Angela Spaccia, the state is still putting on its case.

One star witness was Rebecca Valdez, Bell’s former city clerk, who testified that, at Rizzo’s request,  she would trick the mayor into signing gaspingly lucrative contracts for Rizzo and Spaccia by slipping them into stacks of other documents needing the Mayor’s signature.  Earlier in the week, the former city attorney of Bell,  Edward Lee, testified that his signature was on some of the contracts — but that he could not recall signing them.

One would expect lawyers to read contracts before signing them.  But the former city attorney didn’t appear particularly detail-oriented.  He testified that “It all appeared from the surface the city of Bell was doing well.”

Other notable testimony came earlier in the week from the city’s former finance director testified that once vacation and sick time were accounted for, Spaccia’s salary came to $564,000 a year.

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  1. I have been interested in these issues for many years. I believe the answer is transparency dictated by comprehensive legislation and supported by an independent “Inspector General” reporting to an independent “Citizens Committee” (possibly elected).

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