Marcelo Co to Plead Guilty & Cooperate

The Riverside District Attorney announced today that former Moreno Valley city councilman Marcelo Co will plead guilty to taking $2.36 million in bribes.  In cash.

Co was reportedly snared by an undercover federal agent who posed as a real estate developer.  Co allegedly didn’t plan to keep all of the loot for himself: he had promised to pay off other members of the city counsel, who were to support various development projects of the developer.

Co has agreed to cooperate and testify in future investigations.  Prosecutors have indicated that Co is merely the first in a series of indictments.

Wondering why Co decided to cop a deal so quickly?  Might have something to do with a video of him meeting with the undercover, with millions in cash piled high on the table.  Here’s a still from that particular reality show:

co bribe





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