Bell Corruption Trial Week Two: Spaccia Takes the Stand

Week two in the trial of former Bell assistant city manager Angela Spaccia ended on a dramatic note, as Spaccia took the stand in her own defense.

On direct examination by her experienced counsel, Harland Braun, she admitted what is presumably obvious to the jury:  that her salary of $375,000 plus benefits was grossly excessive.  “In my last two years, I was overpaid by twice what I should have been paid,” she told her  attorney.  She insisted, however, that she did not believe the excessive salary was illegal, because she thought it had been authorized by  an official City Council resolution, a document that she testified she had seen.  Spaccia also praised Robert Rizzo as a highly capable administrator who was financially savvy.

Expect plenty of fireworks this week, when Ms. Spaccia gets cross-examined by prosecutors.

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