Spaccia Convicted, Handcuffed & Taken Away

After deliberating for 10 days, a state jury convicted Angela Spaccia, former Bell deputy city manager, of 11 felony corruption charges.  Spaccia showed little emotion as she was handcuffed by deputies and taken to jail.   She is the seventh official convicted in the notorious scandal, following the conviction of her former boss, Robert Rizzo, and five members of the Bell City Council.

The seven days that Spaccia spent on the witness stand failed to sway the jury, which found her guilty of misapprropriation of public funds, conflict of interest and hiding public documents.  Jurors deadlocked on a count of misappropriation of public funds, and on one conflict of interest charge.

Spaccia faces a possible prison sentence of 10 to 12 years, comparable to the time that will be served Rizzo.  Both Rizzo and Spaccia also expect to charged with federal tax fraud, according to Rizzo attorney James Spertus.

Next chapter in the Bell saga will be the retrial of the city council members on charges on which jurors in the first trial deadlocked.

Photo Courtesy of the LA Times, which has the full story here.

Angela Spaccia convicted in Bell corruption scandal

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