Jury Convicts Rep. Wright of Voter Fraud

State Senator Roderick Wright was convicted by a Los Angeles jury yesterday on eight felony counts of perjury and voter fraud.  The jury found that Wright had falsely claimed, in voter registration and campaign filings, that he lived in Inglewood, within the district he represents–when in fact he resided in upscale Baldwin Hills, in an adjacent district. State law requires candidates to live in the district they represent.

This case has been pending for a long time:  in 2009 search warrants were executed on Wright’s purported Inglewood apartment and on his Baldwin Hills home.  Evidence presented in the case showed full closets, luxury cars, prescription medicines and artwork in the Baldwin Hills home, but virtually no evidence of habitation in the apartment.

The trial began in early January.  Wright took the stand in his own defense and testified he did not mean to deceive or defraud anybody.  He will retain his senate seat unless two-thirds of the senate votes to expel him.  Wright has vowed to appeal the verdict, and has said nothing about whether he will resign his seat.

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