NY State Senator Charged With Lying to FBI

New York Republican state senator Thomas Libous has been charged with lying to the FBI after allegedly corruptly using his office to secure a job for his son, lawyer Matthew Libous.  The indictment charges that the Senator promised to funnel business to the law firm that hired Matthew, and also directed a lobbying firm to pay the firm $50,000 a year to cover Matthew’s “inflated salary.”   Senator Libous then allegedly lied to the FBI when interviewed  in 2010, denying that he had anything to do with arranging for his son’s cushy position.

Matthew Libous Esq. has been separately charged with filing false tax returns that failed to report tens of thousands of dollars in income.

Corruption has plagued Albany for years, with twenty six legislators leaving office because of criminal or ethical issues since 2000.

The Senator announced yesterday that he has terminal cancer of the lungs and spine, so the charges may be the least of his worries.  He still plans to run for reelection in November.

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