Bell Sentencing Roundup

It’s been a busy month for Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy, who has been handing out sentences to former Bell politicos.  While Deputy District Attorney Sean Hassert has been asking for the maximum sentence of four years in prison for each of the disgraced politicians, the judge has imposed varying sentences based on their culpability and attitude.

Today, Judge Kennedy sentenced former mayor Oscar Hernandez to a year in jail plus five years probation (technically, a 4-year suspended sentence).  She also ordered him to perform 1,000 hours of community service and pay $241,000 in restitution, which reflects the public funds he misappropriated through inflated salaries and stipends for serving on city boards that rarely met.  Hernandez, who was represented by Stanley L. Friedman, was ordered to surrender to jail on August 29.

Last Friday, she sentenced former councilwoman Teresa Jacobo to two years in prison (the most severe sentence handed out to any of the former council members) and ordered her to pay $242,000 in restitution.  Last week also saw the sentencing of former councilman George Cole, who received the most lenient sentence, 180 days home confinement.

Ex-councilman George Mirabal surrendered last week and has begun serving his one-year sentence.

Their former colleague Victor Bello faces sentencing tomorrow.

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