Sheriff’s Deputy Guilty in Retrial

On Tuesday, September 16, a federal Jury convicted a seventh sheriff’s deputy of obstructing a federal investigation into excessive force and corruption inside the LA County Jail.

Ex-deputy Jamie Sexton had avoided conviction earlier this year when the jury in his first trial deadlocked 6-6.  This time around, Jurors only needed two hours of deliberation to find Sexton guilty, relying on emails in which Sexton dubbed the effort to move and hide inmate-informant Anthony Brown “Operation Pandora’s Box.”

Sexton attorney Thomas O’Brien again attempted to portray Sexton as a green yet eager deputy merely following orders.  Former Under-Sheriff Paul Tanaka, however, testified that he did not command deputies to hide Brown from the FBI or to move him around the county jails.  Tanaka, as well as his former boss Lee Baca, apparently remain under investigation.

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