Six Former Sheriff’s Officials Sentenced to Prison

Six former LA county sheriff’s officials were sentenced to prison last Tuesday, 10 weeks after a federal jury convicted them of obstructing an FBI investigation into corruption and civil rights violations in the LA county jails.  District Court Judge Percy Anderson called out the former law enforcement officers for failing to show “even the slightest remorse” and telling them that their “blind obedience to a corrupt culture has serious consequences.”

The severity of the sentences reflected the defendants’ seniority and rank within the department.  Former lieutenants Stephen Leavins and Scott Craig received the stiffest sentences, 41 months and 37 months plus a $7500 fine, respectively.   Former Sergeant Scott Craig will serve 33 months in prison.  Craig, a 26-year veteran of the LASD had tried to thwart the federal investigation by threatening an FBI Special Agent with arrest outside her home (she presumably knew some people to call).  He also engaged in witness tampering, telling a Sheriff’s deputy he was being manipulated by the FBI and ordering him not to talk to the feds.  Sergeant. Maricela Long and Deputy Mickey Manzo each received 24 months in prison for their roles in the conspiracy while deputy Gerard Smith, the officer that first discovered inmate Anthony Brown’s connection to the FBI, received a 21 month sentence.

The sentences came a week after another trial victory by federal prosecutors, who convicted former Deputy James Sexton after his initial trial resulted in a hung jury.  13 other deputies charged in this FBI jailhouse corruption probe still await trial.

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