Pasadena Officials Fired in Wake of $6.4 Million Embezzlement

Fallout from a $6.4 million dollar embezzlement scheme has claimed the jobs of Andrew Green, director of the city’s finance department and Siobhan Foster, director of the public works department.  A spokesman for the city declined to comment on the Tuesday firings, except to say that the city was looking to “move in a new direction.”

Green and Foster were the men in charge when former Pasadena employee Danny Wooten and two friends were arrested for allegedly embezzling millions in city funds.  Wooten allegedly used false invoices and forged signatures to siphon taxpayer dollars to churches where Wooten preached as well as bank accounts under his name.  The charged embezzlement scheme pre-dated the employment of both Green and Foster, but unfortunately for them it continued on their watch. The funds were discovered missing in May 2014.

Wooten and his co-defendants, Tyrone Collins and Melody Jenkins, recently made their initial appearance in court and a preliminary hearing is set for February 25th.  All three have posted bond.

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