Big Schock — Freshman Congressman Resigns Amidst Spending Scandal

PBS period drama Downton Abby has claimed the political career of rising Illinois republican congressman Aaron Schock.  Schock resigned today, in the face of an ethics probe into his spending.  News broke in early February that Schock had used taxpayer money to redecorate his congressional office to resemble the dining room of Highclere Castle, where Downton Abby is filmedSchock eventually reimbursed the government $40,000 for the office overhaul but it wasn’t enough to fend off further scrutiny of his spending habits.

On top of the remodeling expenses, the FBI is looking into why Schock billed the government for 170,000 miles on his personal car, even though its odometer showed only 80,000 miles when it was sold in July 2014.  (At 56 cents a mile, that adds up to quite a bit).  His extensive use of donors’ private aircraft and acceptance of concert tickets is also under scrutiny.

When asked by reporters if had broken the law, Schock replied “I certainly hope not,” and pointed out that he was not an attorney.

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