Former GOP House Speaker Indicted for Concealing Hush Money

Former Congressman Dennis Hastert, a Republican who served as Speaker of the House from 1999 to 2007, has been indicted for lying to the FBI and attempting to conceal nearly $1.7 million in cash withdrawals from his bank account – withdrawals for alleged hush money to cover up Hastert’s “prior misconduct” against someone from his past.

The Indictment, brought by federal prosecutors in Chicago, is a small masterpiece of innuendo.   Although it does not spell out Hastert’s “prior misconduct,” it goes out of its way to mention that Hastert from 1965 to 1981 “was a high school teacher and coach in Yorkville, Illinois.”  This would not be in the indictment unless it were relevant.  The alleged recipient of the money, “Individual A” has known Hastert “most of Individual A’s life.”  In 2010, two years after Hastert retired from Congress, Individual A and Hastert met multiple times, and at least once discussed misconduct by Hastert against Individual A “that had occurred years earlier.”  Hastert then allegedly agreed to pay the individual $3.5 million to keep quiet.

Sounds like Coach Hastert was trying to cover up a sex scandal, doesn’t it?  And although it is possible that Individual A is female, my hunch is that the misconduct involved a young man who is now grown and was shaking down Hastert.  Why else would the ex-Speaker (a conservative, evangelical Christian) agree to pay such a huge sum?   Hastert, now a well-paid lobbyist, might barely weather a hetero sex scandal (even if it involved an underage girl) but certainly not a homosexual version.

So the indictment thus far suggests two possible crimes, neither of them federal:  Hastert’s original “misconduct” (criminal if Individual A was underage at the time) and extortion (apparently committed by Individual A).  So how did this wind up in front of a federal grand jury?

Banks are required to file a Suspicious Activity Report for any transaction involving $10,000 or more.  This helps the feds detect money laundering, terrorist financing and the like.  It is a crime to structure your financial transactions in such a way as to avoid triggering these reporting requirements.    Such so-called structuring is outlawed by Title 31, Section 5324(a)(3) of the United States Code.  Hastert’s secret payments came to the attention of the feds via bank reporting, when his pattern of withdrawals became a series of smaller payments just under $10,000 each.

When the FBI interviewed Hastert about these payments, he allegedly lied and told the agents that he had made the withdrawals because he did not feel safe with the banking system.    And so now Hastert is charged with making a false statement to the FBI as well.

But what about the long-ago “misconduct” of Hastert and the more recent extortion by Individual A?   Aren’t prosecutors looking at those as well?

Let’s assume the worst:  that Hastert molested a minor many years ago, as a teacher/coach.  Could he be prosecuted for that?  Not any more.  The laws on sexual crimes in Illinois were revamped in the early 1980s. Even though the statute of limitations on sex crimes involving minors is now 20 years from the date that the victim turns 18, this lengthy limitations period does not apply if the crime was committed before 1984.  Hastert left coaching for Congress in 1981, so if he committed that type of abuse while working at the high school, the statute of limitations is long since gone.  Hastert could not be prosecuted for that.

Meanwhile, based on the indictment it appears that Individual A has committed the crime of Intimidation (i.e. extortion) against Hastert under Illinois law.  Under 720 ILCS 5/12-6, it is a crime to threaten to cause someone to perform an act (like paying hush money) by threatening to accuse the person of a crime or exposing that person to hatred, contempt or ridicule.  Since Hastert was allegedly making payments as late as 2014, presumably Individual A could be prosecuted by local authorities for extorting Hastert.

Taking the Indictment at face value, Hastert is a wrongdoer and a victim, and so is Individual A.  So far, prosecutors have exercised their discretion to prosecute only Hastert.  I suspect, however, that local prosecutors will not be able to ignore the extortion angle on this.  Expect Individual A to be unmasked and charged by the locals in the near future.

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