Moreno Valley

In May 2013, the city manager of Moreno Valley, Henry Garcia, resigned after federal agents executed search warrants on the homes of all five members of the city council.  The investigation is ongoing, and no charges have been filed to date.

In February 2011, Garcia signed a contract that called for salary and compensation of $423,805 per year.  It is unclear whether the investigation is primarily focused on Garcia’s compensation—but his generous salary resembles the packages enjoyed by city managers in Bell and Vernon.

Search warrants were executed at the homes of city council members on April 30, 2013.  Garcia resigned his position shortly thereafter.

In May 2013, mayor Tom Owings announced that he was a target in the federal corruption probe, and that other City Council members had also been told they were targets.  Owings professed his innocence and said that he had voluntarily testified before the grand jury.

No indictments have issued to date, but the investigation is ongoing and the agents are clearly keeping themselves busy.

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